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Short Story

This is a short story (2000+ words) that introduces a bit of background on Mazon before he became a crow.

Link to Short Story: The Wererat
Link to Crowfall Community Creation forums for discussion: Crowfall Community Creatioin Discussion
The story is currently only in English

Youtube Videos

Druid Video 01 added 5 June 2016
Druid Video 02 added 5 June 2016

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General Information

Current Events going on in Crowfall, specific to merchants and crafters.

About was created so the community would have a place to receive information on the merchant eternal kingdom; Kingdom Aybar. This site was started and is run by Mazon; and the city of Bluespring will be the administrative governence in the EK.

The Empress of the Sea, Maeve, daughter of Alkryn sent a vision to Mazon to build for her a city. Thus Bluespring was born, to support merchants, crafters and PvPers everywhere.

The websiste has been tested on multiple web browsers, smartphones and tablet. If there are major issues with the design, please contact me. This is a hobby site, and I'm learning new things all the time.