German and French update to website

I have begun the process of localizing for both German and French.

As this is all new to me, I’m sure there are optimizations I haven’t considered.  I still have a few pages to update, but the bulk of the work is done.  Eventually I will also provide the language update to the RSS feed.

So for our friends over the great pond, I hope you enjoy the updates.

(If anyone would like to help with adding content, I’m looking for good subjects that fit the overall theme of the site.)


CrowfallMerchants RSS

I am happy to announce that I have integrated a one page wordpress page with RSS functions.

If you would like to stay informed on changes to, or see how the site develops during Alpha testing of Crowfall, please join in and use this new RSS feature.

I have chosen to use an RSS instead of an email distribution for a couple of reasons.  I value my privacy, and since I’m new to the web world, I don’t want to jeapordize any of your email addresses.  I also feel this will be the easiest format for me to deliver changes to the site, news updates and eventually podcasts.

The feed can be found using your favorite reader and following us at